When we are commissioned to make a piece from the Library or something custom, we very often use custom mounts as well.  These are bronzes from antiques that we have owned over the years or that we’ve designed that are sufficiently unique to keep the mold of – and therefore avoid a lot of large re-development costs!  So we have a pretty decent collection of bronzes – either the molds or the castings – for everything from handles to hinges to sabots.

Some castings of ours in the process of being “organized” Some of our custom casts

Here are 2 of our molds.  They are based on the original and made with the time-honored “lost wax” process. Our molds are all rubber, for a “hot” casting process, versus a resin for a “cold” process.

mold for a Louis XV style candle arm a mold for a foot/sabot casting

The brass is poured in one or more entry points to fill out the mold.  When it has cooled, the mold is opened and we have our raw casting.  The casting then needs to be cleaned, de-gated and polished.  The casting gate is the opening from where the liquid metal is poured into the mold which then has to be ground off by hand.

The casting gate and a raw casting the polished sabot
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