As you may have already seen, we have introduced a collection of furniture called Essential FPV.  Essential FPV is our way to offer custom quality designs at less-than custom prices.  The designs of each item are either from our Design Library or from our family’s private collection of pieces around our home.  In most cases, we changed elements of each design to make them less costly to produce and/or to update their appeal slightly.  Then, each one is made in a limited production run to benefit from economies of scale but still small enough to control quality.  Our hope is that these pieces will be found to be versatile, working well in both traditional and more modern homes, and to add a little bit of unique character to the spaces they are in.

Architects Barstool R562

The Architects Barstool, R562, is based on an actual George II architects bench from the 18th Century that we own.  Before now, we only ever made some for our former kitchen counter.  We spent many a morning breakfast in this stool!  The saddle seat is very comfortable and the front stretcher is at the perfect height to rest you feet on while you sit. 

R1043 Occasional Table

R1043 Occasional Table in Nickel and Parchment

 This occasional table, R1043, is a small table that Elise de Wolfe sought from my grandfather – we actually still have a very nice letter she wrote him with an accompanying sketch of where she wanted to put it!  As you can see, we have re-done it in new materials and simplified the finial detail. 

R1096 Trefoil Candelabra

 The Trefoil Candelabra is another item from our home. We always had a few of these in the dining room or living room – anywhere really. They are small and can fit in just about anywhere. All we did here was straighten some of the lines and curves to give it a somewhat updated feel.

R809 Tub Bergere

R810 Tub Side Chair

Finally, the Tub Bergere and Tub side chair (R809 & R810) are from our Library.  Tony and I both like the Secessionist influence the design has, yet the chair is still modern.  Most importantly, they are very comfortable!  The pitch is great and the chair holds you very nicely at the shoulders and lower back as it slightly wraps around. 
We hope you like our new collection as much as we do!  We are already planning on the next models for Essential FPV so stay tuned – thank you!
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