We recently completed a custom project for our client and friend, Albert Hadley, to make a grand, king size, four poster bed based on one of our designs from the Design Library.  This design has a classic chinoiserie feel – each bed post is made up of a cluster of 4 faux bamboo trees with matching faux bamboo molding detail along the head board and the bed rails.  In fact bed was inspired originally by a pair of Regency bed posts we have, as described above, which could easily fit in at the Brighton Pavilion.

Needless to say, we were very excited by this project.  The last time we made this bed design was at least 20 years ago and it certainly requires a high degree of vision and confidence that such a bold piece will be just right for a project.  Projects like this represent, in my opinion, an investment in ones home – setting it apart, giving it unique character and making it the client’s own.  All of which we are honored to be a part of.

Shop drawings were made, bedding dimensions were checked many times, appropriate heights of the bedding and head board were determined, the molding detail spec’s were adjusted along with the detail of the faux bamboo clusters, finish samples and many, many other details were checked with Mr. Hadley and his associate Britt Smith until everything was just right.  Of course, all this and the actual fabrication was done right here in NYC by local craftspeople.

When all was ready, we did a test assembly here are the warehouse to make sure everything fit together properly.  The bed was so large and the posts so tall (about 9.5′ tall), the only space here that could accomodate it was the communal hallway outside our office!  All went well and the installation date was set.

Tony and I do not always go along on an installation, but we did this time and we are so glad we did.  Not only did the bed go together even smoother than we anticipated, thanks to the help of Mr. Smith and his staff, but it was also such a pleasure to see the installation site.  Mr. Hadley and his team have done outstanding work there creating a beautiful setting.  I think both Tony and I had a little “aha” moment once the bed was completed in its room.  It all worked so well together, especially the finish of the bed and the colors of the room, and yet this was the first time it had been in situ.  It was very exciting and my first glimpse of what decorators must feel when a project comes together.

This project was a pleasure to work on.  It is the sort of piece that is a beautiful and challenging design and requires talented craftspeople to create a valuable and lasting furishing for a client, that will hopefully be something the client can enjoy for generations.  Hope you enjoy the images!

A version of the Faux Bamboo cluster bed we made for Mr. Hadley in the 1980's

The latest version of the bed, kingsize, during a test assembly at our warehouse

The new bed with one of the original Regency bedposts in the foreground


Just after we installed the new bed

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