Victoria Hurricane LED Lamp

It feels like we started this project ages ago but our new Hurricane LED Lamp is ready and we are very proud to finally be able to share it with you.

It started with the white porcelain flowers that grandpa Freddy tucked away by the box.  There are many different sizes and shapes, but Tony and I knew they would be great to use – we just had to figure out how.  Enter our over-sized R115 Louis XIV hurricanes and energy efficient LEDs.  The scale of the hurricane is a perfect fit to the flowers so we designed the interior metal structure and stem curvature to support them.  We used the LEDs to create 3 sources of light: upward, downwards to the surface, and thru the stems to the flowers themselves.

We originally planed to finish these in anodized colors, but in the process discovered something we liked MUCH better – electro-black nickel.  This is a plating process that gives the piece its smokey, dark yet highly reflective finish.

Currently, these run off of line voltage, but we have already spec’d out a battery that will be rechargable and be concealable in the base of the hurricane.

It may have taken a while, but we are very proud of the result!  Both in terms of the deisgn process and its updated traditional style, we feel this is a new direction for us and we are VERY excited about it.  We hope you like it as well!

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