We are very excited to have finished development on this table, our R808 Sidetable (very original name, right?).   As you see it is a 2-tier brass metal frame table in a gun-metal finish with a smoky “Circuit Boy” lacquer on the panels. 

R808 in gun metal and lacquered panels R808 exposed metal edge and lacquer detail


R808 exposed metal edge and lacquer detail

We started with a much thinner gauge metal frame with a blackened brass finish, as you can see here.  We didn’t feel it had quite enough heft, plus this prototype wobbled at the slightest touch!  But we liked the detail of the panels placed within the frame knuckles and the exposed metal edge running along the panel perimeter. 

R808 prototype with natural wood panels and lower gauge metal frame

R808 prototype with wood panels and lower gauge frame

We are also working on another floor model of this table in an electro-black nickel finish and natural wood shelves.  The electro -black nickel is based on the old black chrome finish, but neither it nor the nickel version is done much these days.  You can see in this image of the sample it still has a smoky-grey to it, but is much more reflective.  The wood panels will be thick with a smooth semi-open finish.  Can’t wait to have it to show you! 

Sample leg of electro-black nickel finish next to current gun metal

Hope you like it!

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